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Facial Aesthetics

Skin Rejuvenation

PRGF (PLASMA RICH IN GROWTH FACTOR) is a fantastic new skin treatment used to repair the damage to skin caused by ageing , sun damage and acne scaring using the bodies own ability to heal itself.

The patients own plasma , rich in growth factor is used making the procedure 100% safe.

The procedure is both CE approved and FDA approved.

The results in repairing damaged skin are astonishing. The treatment consists of 3 appointments over a 3 month period. After that only 1 session is required every year.

A small amount of blood is taken from the patient and the plasma is separated using advanced centrifuge technology. The plasma is re- injected into the skin in multiple tiny shallow micro-injections using advance automatic injection technology.

A small amount of redness of the skin is visible for no more than 24 hours

The benefits of PRGF skin treatment are: increased consistency of the skin

  • Increased hydration
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Increased skin luminosity
  • Increased production of Hyaluronic Acid

PRGF treatment is also used in many other areas of dentistry and medicine such as extraction site healing, dental implant placement, bone regeneration, TMJ disorders, peridodontal pocket regeneration , wound healing and many others.

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Skin Ulcer

This patient had a long-standing (longer than 5 years) sun-damaged skin ulcer. She was 82 years old and had tried 'everything' to heal the area, with her GP advising her that no treatment was required.
After 3 PRGF treatments spread over a 3 month period, notice also the general improvement of the patients skin. The patient reports that her skin now appears 'clearer and brighter'.
Patients Reviews

  My dental health has never been better since I joined Village Dental Health 7 years ago. Dr Colin, Louise and Ellie are all absolutely fantastic

- Dana Johnson, 39, Gerrards Cross Regular check up and hygiene


  Colin is an outstanding, competent dentist and furthermore is friendly and warm.

- Glenda Woods, 72, Ickenham Replacement gold inlay


  Very thorough, very good explanation, very reassuring, felt would be in very good hands. Excellent service provided on a consistent basis, very caring, friendly and professional. Good explanations, always has time, regularly checks with the patient during treatment, very calm approach, good team support. Bruce Mutch is very patient focused on an individual basis, his very reassuring and calm approach helps to relax the patient. Previously I was apprehensive about dentists generally, but not at this practice.

- Mark Galloway, 58, Gerrards Cross Routine check ups and cleaning. Previously crowns.


  Now a positive experience going to the dentist rather than something to dread. Fantastic professional service from the moment you enter until you leave. You could not beat it. Reassures, comfortable, listens to and relaxes compared to the very stressful experiences with previous dentists. The relationship is based on trust – I have total confidence in the professional expertise and empathetic attitude – previously a 'nervous patient'. All staff are friendly and professional. It is clear that there is an ethos of putting the patient at ease and providing very excellent standards of care. I just wish I had found this practice earlier.

- Anne Garrihy, 53, Gerrards Cross Routine check ups and cleanings, previously had crowns and fillings.