Dentist in Bucks

The Village Dental Health Centre
40 Oak End Way, Gerrard's Cross
Bucks, SL9 8BR

Fees & Offers

Fees & Offers

Fee Guide

Fees Correct as of August 2023.

Consultations + Diagnosis
New Patient Consultation (includes x-rays)   £135.00
6 monthly Dental Health Check   £75.00
Non Registered Emergency   £135.00
Second Opinion (no X rays)   £135.00
New Child Exam (under 16 yrs)   £65.00
6 monthly Dental Health Check – Child   £45.50
Preventative care
Health Skills + Techniques
Scale+Polish   £90.00
3 Monthly Scaling   £90.00
Emergency care
Out-of-hours attendance fee   £175.00
Prescription antibiotics / analgesics   £25.00
Temporary Dressing   £85.00
White fillings From £195.00
Veneers / Crowns / Bridges
All Crowns From £855.00
Bridgework (per unit) From £855.00
Veneers From £1095.00
Extraction of one tooth   £225.00
Surgical Extraction
Wisdom Teeth
Root canal treatment
All root canal treatments are carried out by an endodontist with the aid of a microscope
Consultation (including x-rays)   £140.00
Incisors/canines From £795.00
Premolars From £895.00
Molars From £1050.00
Re-root treatments will incur an additional charge of £100
Surgical endodontics - fees based on complexity, subject to prior consultation
Full dentures (acrylic) From £2450.00
Partial denture (acrylic) From £950.00
Partial Chrome Cobalt Denture From £1875.00
Dental Implants
SingleTooth Implant AND Crown From £3500.00
Bone Graft Dependent on case and complexity
Sinus Augmentation Dependent on case and complexity
Mouth guards
Mouth guard (1 colour)   £150.00
Tooth Whitening
Home Whitening   £395.00
Orthodontic Treatment
Advanced Periodontal Treatment
Initial Consultation £175 including all small x-rays and report
Non Surgical Treatment From £250 per quadrant
Surgical Treatment From £800 (dependent on type, case and complexity)
Crown Lengthening Surgery From £600
Removable Functional Ortho From £4000.00
Fixed Ortho From £4000.00
Invisalign From £3000.00
Patients Reviews
Patients Reviews

  Daljit has been looking after my perio treatments for many years and I now commute from Harrow to see her here. I really wouldn’t trust anyone else now. The team are friendly and the practice has a relaxing atmosphere. No need to be scared of going to the dentist if you come here!

Patients Reviews - JH, Harrow - January 2024


Patients Reviews

  I was very impressed with the service I received at Village Dental on Thursday 25th January 2024. Amarjit Jagdev is a highly professional and skilled dentist who I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. A first-class experience.

Patients Reviews - WTG, Gerrards Cross


Patients Reviews

  My dental health has never been better since I joined Village Dental Health 7 years ago. Dr Colin, Louise and Ellie are all absolutely fantastic

Patients Reviews - Dana Johnson, 39, Gerrards Cross Regular check up and hygiene


Patients Reviews

  Colin is an outstanding, competent dentist and furthermore is friendly and warm.

Patients Reviews - Glenda Woods, 72, Ickenham Replacement gold inlay


Patients Reviews

  Very thorough, very good explanation, very reassuring, felt would be in very good hands. Excellent service provided on a consistent basis, very caring, friendly and professional. Good explanations, always has time, regularly checks with the patient during treatment, very calm approach, good team support. Bruce Mutch is very patient focused on an individual basis, his very reassuring and calm approach helps to relax the patient. Previously I was apprehensive about dentists generally, but not at this practice.

Patients Reviews - Mark Galloway, 58, Gerrards Cross Routine check ups and cleaning. Previously crowns.


Patients Reviews

  Now a positive experience going to the dentist rather than something to dread. Fantastic professional service from the moment you enter until you leave. You could not beat it. Reassures, comfortable, listens to and relaxes compared to the very stressful experiences with previous dentists. The relationship is based on trust – I have total confidence in the professional expertise and empathetic attitude – previously a 'nervous patient'. All staff are friendly and professional. It is clear that there is an ethos of putting the patient at ease and providing very excellent standards of care. I just wish I had found this practice earlier.

Patients Reviews - Anne Garrihy, 53, Gerrards Cross Routine check ups and cleanings, previously had crowns and fillings.