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Tips to ensure your Dental Implants last for life!

 teeth health smile dentistHave you replaced missing teeth with dental implants? Dental implants provide a strong, flawless and lasting solution for people who have lost their teeth. The more you care for your implants, the longer your crown will last and so will your smile. Here are simple ways of taking care of dental implants to ensure they last for life.

Key takeaways:

– Do everything that your dentist tells you, from how to clean your mouth to what you should eat.

– During the healing process, avoid very hot or cold drinks, don’t poke or roughly brush the site but ensure there are no food particles around the implant.

– Once you are healed, brush with a soft bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste, use unwaxed tape floss and regularly utilise a mouthwash.

Protect your smile by regularly visiting the dentist for check-ups and following instructions.

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Why is it Important to Wear a Retainer Once Your Braces are Removed?

 teeth health smile dentistIt is very common for teeth to shift once braces have been removed. Still, this may cause some patients to become alarmed. This is also the very same reason why your dentist or orthodontist will recommend that a retainer is worn for a certain amount of time. If this device is not used properly, your future smile could be placed in jeopardy.

Let us take a look at what the experts have to say.

– While normal shifting is common, consult with an orthodontist if you notice major changes.

– Always wear the retainer for the entire time that the dental professional recommends.

– If the retainer is too painful, it may need to be adjusted by your orthodontist.

“If you neglect to wear your retainer even for a few nights—especially soon after your braces come off—your teeth could shift to the point that the retainer no longer fits.”

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Why some people are more frightened of the dentist than others

teeth health smile dentistGoing to the dentist is an important part of looking after your smile but some people are too frightened of the dentist to contemplate a visit, even when their teeth are causing them a great deal of pain. Scientists now believe that there is a genetic basis to this unusually strong fear as it is often inherited from parents.

Luckily, there are many things dentists can do to help terrified patients, such as cultivating a gentle bedside manner and keeping frightening-looking instruments out of sight.

Key takeaways:

– If you are frightened of going to the dentist, do everything you can at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy, such as flossing and brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

– Brushing and flossing also help prevent bad breath and cavities.

– You could also try swishing coconut oil in your mouth.

You can clean and polish your teeth and soothe gum inflammation easily and naturally with the help of baking soda.

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Sleep and Gum Disease: Is There a Relationship?

teeth smile dentist healthRegular trips to the dentist can guarantee the health of our teeth as well as a flawless smile. However, this habit may not be enough if we fail to receive the proper amount of sleep each night. Insufficient sleep has been shown to increase the chances that gum disease will develop. This inflammatory condition may eventually lead to other illnesses such as heart disease and even stroke.

What other dangers exist and how can the correct sleeping habits be embraced?

– Gum disease can cause teeth to loosen and even lead to a serious condition known as periodontal disease.

– Fewer hours of sleep have been linked to high blood pressure.

– It is best to avoid any distractions while in bed and to not eat for at least two hours prior to sleeping.

“Gum disease makes teeth shift, causes loose teeth, bleeding gums, and pockets between the gums and teeth where infection breeds.”

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Understand How Nail Biting is Damaging Your Teeth and Smile

teeth health smile dentist

Nail biting is a cause of poor dental and general health. Reasons, why people bite on their nails include stress, anxiety and not using the nail cutter. Unfortunately, victims of this bad habit are unaware of its harmful effects. Here is how nail biting is damaging your teeth and smile!

Key takeaways:

– The hard substance that makes up our nails (keratin) cracks your teeth, erodes your enamel and tears your gums leading to oral diseases.

– Biting nails to relieve stress leads to Bruxism, a condition where one grinds their teeth during sleep or anxiety.

– Unless you often wash your hands, nail biting introduces bacteria to your body, thereby infecting your mouth’s cavity and general health.

Protect your smile by using other means of relieving stress, trimming nails with a nail cutter and visiting your dentist for treatment of damaged teeth.

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Warning Signs for Children’s Dental Problems

teeth health smile dentistA healthy, happy child with a bright, winning smile is every parent’s dream — and dental well-being is part of the formula in achieving this goal. While bodily injuries and sickness are usually fairly apparent this is not always the case with dental problems.

An article by blogger Pam Maynard gives some useful tips on signs to look for that might necessitate a visit to the dentist.

The blog lists five main signs of possible dental trouble and three that are easy to spot:

– Refusing to eat. Infants and toddlers cannot tell us when something hurts but refusing to eat as normal could indicate some problem with the teeth or gums.

– Sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can be an early warning to the possibility of cavities being present.

– Spotted teeth. White spots on the teeth may seem insignificant but could mark the beginning of a cavity.

Other signs to look out for are crowed teeth and inflamed gums. Should any or all of these symptoms appear then “it is important for your kids to see a dentist right away” according to Ms. Maynard’s article which can be read in full at

Causes And Cures For Gum Disease

teeth health smile dentistGingivitis (known as gum disease), is caused by a bacteria which builds up around the teeth and gums, within a substance called plaque. If left untreated, this hardens to become tartar, which then can caused damage to the gums and teeth. Possible causes for gingivitis include: stress, a lack of good dental hygiene, smoking and medication for certain conditions and illnesses. The following tips may help to prevent and treat gum disease, in order to maintain a happy and healthy smile:

– Reducing the amount of sugary foods eaten, as well as limiting those which are high in hydrogenated fats, can help to prevent the build up of bacteria.

– Establishing and maintaining a thorough routine of brushing and flossing will help to remove any build-up of plaque from around the teeth and gums. Regular check-ups with the dentist will also help to identify and treat any problems in their early stages.

– Diets which contain vegetables, vegetable juices, wild caught fish and foods containing fat soluble vitamins are known to help.

The most common gum problems are bacterial infections that lead to inflammation.

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How to Better Manage Acid Reflux

smile health dentist teethNot only is acid reflux (also referred to as GERD) a potentially serious digestive disorder, but it can negatively impact the enamel of the teeth. This may lead to a painful smile and frequent trips to the dentist. The “root” cause of this condition is an excess production of hydrochloric acid. If this acid continues to eat away at enamel over time, sensitive dentin can become exposed and the roots may even suffer damage.

What are three ways to help lessen the effects of acid reflux?

– Consuming less alcohol has been known to mitigate these effects.

– Avoiding food two hours before going to sleep can aid in the digestive process.

– Foods that are high in acid such as oranges should be avoided if possible.

“Quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, and losing weight can also help you to live a healthier life in addition to managing your acid reflux.”

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