Five things that can make you more likely to develop cavities

teeth health smile dentistCavities are caused by tooth decay. Sugar is the primary culprit for tooth decay and avoiding sugary foods is an easy way of reducing this risk. Regularly visiting the dentist and paying great attention to your dental hygiene is essential.

Key findings:

– People with long-term eating disorders often have weakened teeth from a lack of nutrients. The purging associated with bulimia additionally exposes the teeth’s enamel surface to damaging stomach acids.

– Cancer patients and those on long-term medications are also more vulnerable to developing cavities.

– Genetics can also have an impact. People with microdontia, for example, have smaller teeth than average, which are extremely difficult to keep clean.

Some people may have teeth that are more prone to cavities than others no matter how often they brush or floss.

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Dr. Colin Conway BDS BSc South Africa

With more than 20 years experience in dental practice, Colin has never been more excited and passionate about his dentistry!

Colin grew up in South Africa, and completed studies toward research science and dentistry degrees in South Africa. He moved from Cape Town to the UK in April 2002, and has worked in some of the UK’s leading dental practices - gaining the experience and confidence to offer a wide range of dental services.

Says Colin: "I often joke that I moved to the UK for the weather! But actually I moved because the UK offers world-class opportunities for dentists to expand their knowledge and skillset, a fact which I have embraced. I am equally comfortable doing a dental check-up and cleaning, placing a dental implant or fitting braces to straighten teeth."

Colin lives in Windsor with his partner and two dogs, enjoying the city/country balance offered by its close proximity to London. On weekends, you’re likely to find him cycling along the river or in some of the great parks surrounding the town.

Dr. Bruce Mutch BDS South Africa

Bruce has been in General Dental Practice for 30 years. Says Bruce: "I have always concentrated on Dental Health, getting patients healthy and showing them how it is possible to keep their own teeth for life.” Bruce has a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry and Children’s Orthodontics. When he's not doing dentistry, you will find Bruce on the tennis court or walking his dog. "Animals have always been a big part of my life, and in my younger days I used to show jump competitively".